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charlotte region pine needles delivery

We Deliver



For the past decade, SC Pine Straw has served hundreds of families and businesses across the Carolinas with astounding success and satisfaction.


We have now started "" is the go to source for high quality long leaf pine Needles. 

our team hand rake and then hand pick threw the needles and choose the longest needles available .we know that the longer the needle are the better it is for our customers. We take pride in the quality of the needles we ship out.  we also listen to our customers and try to composet in there needs and wants. 

Our team offers additional services, including pine needle and mulch spreading, leaf removal, landscaping, the pruning of plants and more.


We look forward to transforming your home or business with our high quality products!  We typically service homes within a 2 hour radius of McBee, South Carolina. 

Need pine needles?  We'll bale you out one way or another.

Charlotte pine needles
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